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Ordering Wine / How We Work

All wines ordered are subject to final confirmation regarding stock and condition.

Wines can be ordered online through our website or you can send us an email listing the wines you are interested in purchasing and we will respond to you by email or by phone. If you contact us by email, kindly include your shipping details (shipping address and phone number) so we can process your order.

Our online ordering has a minimum purchase (excluding taxes) of $200 or 4 bottles of wine. Orders that do not meet our minimum cannot be processed online. We do not ship unless our minimum amounts are met – whether you seek to order online, by phone or by email.

We carry a large number of back vintage wines, some of which require inspection and photographing prior to order fulfillment. In any order where you request photographs, photos will be provided to you for your approval prior to fulfilling your order. If the wine you order is base neck fill or better, with good color, clarity, unimpaired capsule with no meaningful label damage - and you have not requested photographs - we will fulfill your order by processing your credit card and shipping your order as directed.

Orders are fulfilled based on priority of receiving the order. Often we have a large number or orders for the same limited stock. Consequently, we cannot hold wines for future payment. Orders that are unpaid following communication with the client are returned to stock for sale.

We have a large number of back vintage wines stored in our temperature controlled storage facility at our store on 286 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY. Due to the size of our inventory and the structure of our storage facility, it can take more than 24 hours to pull a wine order and confirm a purchase. Accordingly, final confirmation of your order may take one to two business days. Further, in store order pick up requires a minimum of 24 hour notice to us. To minimize your wait time in our store, please provide us with 24 hour notice of your intention to pick up your order so we can have it ready for you when you arrive.

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